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PlexyDesk. What is PlexyDesk ?
========== ------------------
Lightweight Desktop manager for GNU/Linux with a low memory footprint. Designed to be minimal and clutter free.
Design Goals.
* minimal design.
* clutter free desktop.
* low resource usage.
* works as an addon
* no unsafe scripts in the background - all plugins are compiled C++
* Supports computers from 199x.
* Optionally support Other Operating systems.
Supported Desktop Environments.
* Gnome Fallback and Gnome-Shell
* LXQt
* works with any lightweight window manager
How to Compile PlexyDesk
Connect with [![Gitter chat](https://badges.gitter.im/gitterHQ/gitter.png)](https://gitter.im/plexydesk/plexydesk)
Lightweight desktop manager for GNU/Linux with a low memory footprint. This project is ideal if you want to have a clean desktop experience on a low end computer with a low resource DE like XFCE or LXQt.
![PlexyDesk Screenshot](https://static.storekit.org/pexydesk.org/uploaded_media/tumblr_static_c2h153uu9cocwwowg0owgwg4s_2048_v2.png) ![PlexyDesk Screenshot](https://static.storekit.org/pexydesk.org/uploaded_media/tumblr_static_c2h153uu9cocwwowg0owgwg4s_2048_v2.png)
![PlexyDesk Features](https://static.storekit.org/pexydesk.org/uploaded_media/20140813143025-PlexyDesk_Features.png) ![PlexyDesk Features](https://static.storekit.org/pexydesk.org/uploaded_media/20140813143025-PlexyDesk_Features.png)
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